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      73 products

      An excellent red or white wine is particularly effective in an Eisch crystal glass. Thin-walled, finely blown glasses add a lot to the enjoyment experience. Eisch crystal glasses are not just a transparent vessel for drinks, but also create magical themes on the table that increase both the enjoyment of eating and drinking and the aesthetic dimension. We supply particularly high-quality crystal glasses from the Valentin Eisch glassworks for the perfect enjoyment of red wines, white wines, rosé wines and sparkling wines.

      Decanting wine is not a necessary evil, but should instead be a well-celebrated ritual. This turns the wine accompaniment into a wonderful solemn and festive act. Ideally, wine drinkers use a high-quality decanter made of crystal glass with a no-drop effect.

      Hardly any product is used more in daily use than a cup for water, juices and similar drinks. Even more joy is only possible with an appealing crystal mug and a neat ambience, so that even a glass of water becomes a special joy in everyday life. With the right carafes and jugs you can set additional accents. Eisch manages to capture the zeitgeist with ease using shape and optics, in order to meet both challenge and passion at the same time.

      After a fine dinner, an espresso should not be missing. The espresso crystal glasses from the Cosmo and Superior collections allow guests to experience espresso enjoyment with all their senses in a distinctive way. While the hazelnut brown crema is reflected in the 24-carat gold of the Cosmo espresso glasses, the Superior espresso glass supports the development of aromas with the multi-award-winning SensisPlus feature. At winetory we also have special sets for the Italian trend dessert Affogato al caffe. The crystal glasses from Eisch are not only perfect for personal use, but are also a high-quality souvenir or a great gift idea for connoisseurs who love espresso as a dessert.